Broadcast Production Awards

from NewscastStudio

NewscastStudio’s Broadcast Production Awards honors the best in creative production and technical achievement. The annual awards program features our thirteenth annual Set of the Year competition along with categories across broadcast production.


The Broadcast Production Awards are open to any broadcaster, publisher, designer, agency, product manufacturer, clearing house or vendor, as long as the work was published and/or on-air during the eligibility window.

Trophies for the current competition are expected to ship at the end of November to winners. Duplicate trophies will be available for order after the winners are announced and will be shipped on a rolling basis, approximately 4-6 weeks are ordered. 

Our 2022 competition had issues related to trophies due to supply chain and vendor issues. If you did not receive a winners trophy or a duplicate trophy order, please email and we will work to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

We accept immediate payment for entries securely via credit card or debit card. You can also request a formal invoice for payment via check. Please note, however, that payment must be received by the final entry deadline for work to be judged. No exceptions will be made to this rule.

Products, services, hardware and tools aimed at the broadcast market are eligible for these categories.

To enter, please submit a description of product or service, how it has enhanced broadcast production or storytelling and imagery or video of product or service. Case studies are also acceptable.

Any company or vendor that has released new and/or upgraded hardware, software or other products between January 1, 2022 and July 31, 2023, is eligible for the current competition.

Yes. The Broadcast Production Awards is an international competition open to entries from around the world.

Some categories do have exclusions, such as with Set of the Year and Lighting Design. In these instances, projects from outside the U.S. should be entered in the International category.

Yes. There is no limit on the number of categories to which you can submit a project. During the submission process you will need to fill out an entry form for each category into which you wish to enter a project.

Judging is conducted by a panel of industry professionals who make up a wide variety of disciplines in broadcast production, creative design and engineering. Past judges have worked for organizations like Al Jazeera, Turner Sports, Broadcast Management Group, Litepanels, Maxon, Hothaus Creative, Full Mental Jacket and NBC’s entertainment division.

The panel rates each entry on a series of criteria based on the particular category.

Honorable Mentions will be awarded for work scoring within 10% of the top finisher’s score in each category. In the event of a tie, multiple entries may be awarded a trophy.

For categories with national and local (DMA) work competing head to head, multiple entries may be awarded a trophy.

Unlike other awards, we do not use gold and silver nomenclature.

  • Each category will have one top-level Broadcast Production Award winner.
  • Honorable Mentions are possible if another entry(s) is within 10% of the winning entries judging score.

In the event of a tie, multiple winners may be awarded. 

For categories with international, national and local (DMA) work competing head to head, multiple entries may be awarded a trophy. Similarly, in select categories where multiple genres of programming compete, multiple winners may be awarded.

We do not announce finalists ahead of the winner’s announcement. 

Winning entrants will receive one (1) NewscastStudio Broadcast Production Award trophy, with duplicates available for purchase by clients, design firms, authorized representatives or vendors.

Duplicate trophies may be awarded once the judging is complete at the current list rate. Because trophies are custom made to order, no refunds for duplicate trophies are issued.

Honorable Mentions are eligible to purchase an acrylic plaque.

Unlike some awards programs, the Broadcast Production Awards is a digital competition. This keeps the entry fees low and means we can showcase the winners for a wider audience — instead of just folks in a ballroom.

Broadcast Production Award–winning work has come from a variety of companies and broadcasters including: Al Jazeera, BBC Sport, Broadcast Design International, CBS Corporation, CCTV, CGTN, ChyronHego, Clickspring Design, Devlin Design Group, ESPN, eSports Arena, FX Design Group, HBO, Jack Morton Worldwide, JHD Group, Megatrax, NBC Olympics, Netflix, NFL Films, NFL Network, Ooyala, PBS, Spectrum News, Stephen Arnold Music, Teen Choice Awards, Tencent, Turner Sports, TVU, VideoHelper, Warner/Chappell Production Music, and Telemundo – just to name a few.

If you have completed multiple studios with the same design or a project involves multiple studio sets, they cannot be combined into a single Set of the Year category entry. 



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