About the Trophy

Broadcast Production Awards

First introduced in 2015 as part of the Set of the Year awards, the NewscastStudio Broadcast Production Award trophy packs a lot of meaning through it’s design.

Two pieces of hand-cut stainless steel gently bent at a 90 degree angle and fused together form the base of the trophy, which is created each year for NewscastStudio by a metal fabricator in Missouri, with NewscastStudio’s editor Dak Dillon providing the design.

Throughout the process, we experimented with the angles, colors and typographic elements found on the award, and ended up with a freestanding design that can be viewed as two separate flat planes and an off-axis angle that shows both.

The idea here, says Dillon, was to incorporate the idea that, much like news sets, the award could be viewed from multiple angles and take on different looks depending on the perspective.

The final angle selected for the pinnacle of the design was selected to mimic the letter “N” while also suggesting achievement. We also explored depth by layering two separate pieces of metal together, while angularity is incorporated through the gentle, 90 degree curved edge.

Meanwhile, our branding was incorporated through the use of our trademark eye-catching shade produced using high-quality cut vinyl. Our name and circular design pattern appear in bright silk-screened white.

The other piece of metal was left unfinished but include the winner’s name, category and project name along with another, more subtle iteration of the NewscastStudio icon.

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