Yahoo Finance

Designed by John Casey Production Design

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University of Alabama

Designed by Provost Studio

Honorable Mention

Scenic Design & Planning - Provost Studio
Lighting Design - Widmer Designs
Acoustic Design - SH Acoustics
Scenic Fabrication & Installation - Innovative Environments
Architect of Record - Williams Blackstock Architects
General Contractor - Bailey Harris
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Spark & TVNZ Rugby World Cup 2019

Designed by TVNZ

Honorable Mention

ECD - Jens Hertzum
Design Director - Jacob Slack
Lead Designer - Mark Fleming
Designer - Nick Henderson
Designer - Leon Senf
AR Designer - Dity Maharaj, Declan Norris, Matthew Bellamy
Set Builder - Brett Schwieters
Production Management - Denise Maylin, Josh Wolfe
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