France Télévisions Makes Newsroom in the Cloud a Reality

From Dalet

France Télévisions pivoted its on-premises news operation into the cloud in under four weeks with Dalet Galaxy xCloud. Integrated with Adobe Premiere Pro and running on Amazon Web Services, Dalet Galaxy xCloud allowed France Télévisions to remotely collaborate on news production for its national and France Info channels. The dramatic pivot to cloud-enabled workflows meant that France Télévisions could return to a full schedule

Spectrum News Challenge

From Girraphic

Spectrum News Los Angeles reached out to Girraphic during the early planning stage of a new game show they were looking to create that focused on high school students being properly informed about current events. Girraphic worked closely with Spectrum, creating the brand concepts and design. Girraphic created a sophisticated video wall content system that allowed two teams in different locations to appear on the show via remote video link and could transition fluidly to follow what happened as the show transpired in real-time. Girraphic also created a series of AR graphics that explained the rules and displayed every question asked. These AR templates were synced to an insert system that showed the questions to the contestants in their locations. Finally, Girraphic created the show opener, bumper, video package graphics and all other branded elements.

Creative Director: Nathan Marsh
Art Direction: Graciela Olivares, Gabriel Maher
3D Artists: Gabriel Maher, Graciela Olivares, Isaac Savor
Graphic Artists: Gabriel Maher, Graciela Olivares, Rodrigo Muñoz, Grant Werle, Emily Stone, Clay Trowbridge
Operation and support: Branggela Romero, Emily Stone, Dan McInerney
Client: Spectrum News