TAG’s Media Control System (MCS)

From TAG Video Systems

The MCS is the newest layer of TAG’s Realtime Media Performance (RMP) Platform. It enables clients to capture the data provided by over 400 distinct error detectors to be aggregated and correlated across the entire media supply chain (from live production to playout, OTT & delivery). Media companies can now manage the entire monitoring stack, end-to-end within one system, that in turn will provide invaluable insights for optimum workflow performance.

Mo-Sys G30

From Mo-Sys Engineering

The next generation in gyro-stabilized remote heads, the heavy-duty G30 delivers precision in movement as well as superior image stabilization.

The G30’s unique oversized frame geometry provides easy access to all the camera connections and accessories, making camera loading fast and simple. Its shorter and stiffer frame delivers better extended crane performance, ensuring the smoothest looking images. The unique frame geometry combined with a re-ordered axis priority (pan, roll, tilt) means that even when the mounted camera is pointing directly down, there is no gimbal lock and all 3 axis of movement and stability are active.