B-52 Aircraft Report

From Al Jazeera

For the new Al Jazeera Branding, this is a short promo teaser that highlights the behind the scenes, preparations and the new vision of Al Jazeera. It is done using a fast editing with epic music and footage during the rehearsal of the new studios mixed with Shutterstock footage

Ramesses II

From Asharq News

The brief for this story is to illustrate he most famous king in Ancient Egypt - Ramses II and the journey of his mommy. Through the eyes of the eagle, a national symbol of Egypt, we are introduced to the landscape of ancient Egypt. Information through environments and text further the story. Many efforts were made to keep it protected, and we attempted to visualize this by taking the viewer on a trip to a lab in France, where to mommy was analyzed and restored, and then transported back to the National Museum in Egypt. (Note that the full story is edited down to 90s too meet competition requirements. Subtitled for your reference)