AI based Vertical Stream for Mobile

From Asharq News

Our data shows that the vast majority of our audience consumes news digitally via mobile, hence we knew we needed to be thinking mobile first. We know that having a 16:9 stream is not condusive to a mobile user, who holds and consumes vertically in 9:16. So we set out to find an innovative way to stream in 9:16 without changing or adding operational requirements. We teamed up with Wildmoka who provided a technology solution based on our needs, where every graphic template with windows is verticalized and recomposed in 9:16 through machine learning and artificial intelligence. The technology is also able to detect the change in program and dynamically change the background based on the background graphics of the shows, and also display the show logo, thereby maintaining the brand identity of the show even in vertical streaming. Where verticalization is not possible, we are able to detect the information from the headlines in the ticker, and recompose it in the 9:16 real estate. To distinguish the ticker headlines from the current show, there is a label that shows "In other news". This solution is operationally seamless and needs no additional staff or equipment. It is a truly innovative solution for the user experience of the mobile consumer of today.