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Winner - News

UFC 267

From Platige Image

Winner - Sports

The Talk

From CGLA Studio

Winner - Entertainment
Software: Zero Density
Producer - CGLA Studios - Chris Marsall & Sonja Wright
Concept & Design - Ronen Lasry
Engineering & Operation - Ross Buffington, Chris
Henderson, Ryan Kramer
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Tokyo Olympics on TVNZ

From TVNZ Blacksand, Girraphic

Winner - Special Event
Design Lead: Mark Fleming
Unreal Set Extension: Girraphic
AR Lead Designer: Ben Ashby
AR graphics: Declan Norris, Dylan Gibson
Motion Graphics Lead Designer: Nick Henderson
Motion and 3D graphics: Brendon Bennett, Jaemin Yi, Nick Delaney, Samuel Yao

TVNZ GM Sport and Events: Melodie Robinson
Executive Producer: Eric Lazayres
Producers: Adi Sorenson, Chris Bright, Donald Allison-Carnie
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East Circle

Honorable Mention

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Honorable Mention