Big Race Day, AC75 Crew Explained

From TVNZ Blacksand

Design Lead – Mark Fleming
Creative Director – Jens Hertzum
Māori Design – Johnson Witehira, IDIA
A.R. Design – Ben Ashby, Declan Norris, Matt Bellamy
Additional 3D asset creation – Animation Research Ltd
TVNZ General Manager Sports & Events – Melodie Robinson
Senior Producer – Adrianne Sorenson
Project Manager – Denise Maylin

Video Games Market Profits

From Al Jazeera

The pandemic crisis has been highly beneficial to the video games market profits. In 2020, the Staying at Home year, Video Games Profits raised more than ever reaching 160 billion Dollars, 3 times what it was 10 years ago. Female Players in the Arab world and Asia increased to become almost half of the number of players worldwide.

UAE Forces in Yemen

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COVID-19 Vaccine Explained

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