AtomOne mini zoom

From Dream Chip

Dream Chip has released its new AtomOne Mini Zoom camera, a miniature camera that introduces zoom functionality to a camera with dimensions of just 60x80mm and a weight of only 267g, and allowing for resolution of up to 1080p60.

The Zoom functionality has been designed to facilitate more effective shot reframing – making the camera even more effective for deployment in unusual and creative locations. The base aperture stands at F1.6 – 2.9mm, providing for a wide angle 130° shot, and allows for the frame to be reduced to a 66° angle shot at 9mm. With such a miniature size, the camera can be added to an extensive range of locations without being obtrusive or interfering in the action; for instance, on race car bumpers and dashboards, behind goals, on nets, or right on the edge of action locations.